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Domashko Studio is a full-cycle design company established in 2008. The main type of design activity is low-rise housing, interior design, landscape and engineering.

The scope of the studio's activities includes consulting, conceptual development, execution of design and working documentation, both for exterior and interior solutions, support and equipment of the object.

Regardless of the scale and complexity of the object, the company’s specialists in their work are guided by the desire for high-quality detailed design of the object at all levels, compliance with project deadlines and satisfaction of client requirements.

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Alexander Domashko
Head of studio
Chief Project Architect
Ivanov Sergey
Sergey Ivanov
Chief Project Engineer
Igor Nazdrachev
Chief Project Engineer
Network engineering
Alexey Yachmenev
Lead Architect
Anna Parfentyeva
Lead Architect
Maria Prokofieva
Lead Architect
Gulnara Shinkarenko
Landscape architect


Domashko Studio - full-cycle design company. We develop all the necessary sections of projects related to private housing, be it interior design of apartments and houses, architecture of country houses, engineering, landscape, constructive. 


Architectural Engineering

country houses, cottages, residences in different styles and directions.

All our projects are developed on modern software usingBIM technologies (volumetric modeling of an object).

We develop projectsfrom scratch, or according to the customer’s sketches, and we also willingly undertake the reconstruction of houses in the form of extensions, superstructures or a complete change in the appearance of the property.


Interior design 

apartments, country houses, cottages, residences.

When designing interiors, we approach the development of a project not only as decoration, but also as the development of a complex engineering structure, taking into account all the necessary sections of the project.

Our facilities are not just aesthetically beautiful, but also engineeringly thought out and architecturallyverified.


Engineering equipment In addition to the common sections: Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning, Electrical, Low-current systems, we design almost all sections of engineering equipment necessary for private housing.

Not everyone knows that when designing they can be relevant up to seventy sections engineering systems. Up to  the fight against rodents - we also design this.


Landscape design country houses, cottages, residences in different styles and directions.

We have experienced landscape architects and dendrologists on our staff, so we carry out almost all sections of the project related to the arrangement of the site, as well as post-design management of the site, including the selection of plants and monitoring them.

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